System -Chertan

Chertan –Free Worlds League System

The Chertan system was home to at least one habitable world Chertan I,

Political Ruler : Vincent Pollock (Governor)
Star Type : Primary – A3V (White Giant) – (178 Hours)
Position in System : 1
Time to Jump Point : 39 days
Number of Satellites : 2 – Moon “Osei” and “Pelipa”
Surface Gravity : 0.67 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Thin (Breathable)
Avr Mean Temp : +39C (Equatorial)
Surface Water : 16%
Recharge Station : Nadir
HPG Class Type : B-Class
Highest Native Life : Plants

Population : (3025) 425,000,000


Chertan was originally settled to capitalize on the large amounts of mineral and metal resources. Despite being water poor, the presence of these natural resources allowed mining, smelting, refining and manufacturing operations to thrive. The citizens would export heavy machinery and metals and use the profits to purchase food from nearby agricultural worlds. This balance lasted until after the fall of the Star League. The Free Worlds League annexed Chertan in 2783, one of the first of almost a score of Terran Hegemony worlds that the League would occupy as the Hegemony collapsed but before the First Succession War began. Located close to the Lyran Commonwealth, Chertan was frequently targeted by LCAF raids. These raids left the world covered in scars, and damaged the few farms capable of feeding the population. Starving citizens rioted several times, and eventually the noble ruler was deposed in 2820. Chertan had been a mighty industrial center under the Terran Hegemony, but the First Succession War reduced the standard of living to subsistence level.

With only a sixth of the surface of Chertan covered by water, the geography of Chertan is defined by the name and location of the various large water bodies rather than by continent. Chertain has three large bodies of water: the Eerie Sea, the Huron Sea and the Ontario Sea. The Eerie Sea is the northernmost of the three, while the Huron Sea is located in the southern hemisphere


Altonia: third largest city on Chertan, located near the eastern edge of the Ontario Sea.

New Pittsburgh: the second largest city on Chertan, located near the Eerie Sea.

Theleopolis: the planetary capital city, located just south of the Huron Sea.


The Fifth Regulan Hussars (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) Currently commanded by Linda Koloff

System -Chertan

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